Universal Law Of Right Action -
- Do The Right Thing

Conscience or Right Action – Sixth Laws Attraction

This universal law tells us to do the right thing. The right action produces the greatest benefit to others.

It also underpins the very creation of oneness which is rooted in the Nature and harmony of being.

Striving towards an insight and larger understanding of this Reality will lead to gleaning and experiencing enlightenment to the ultimate questions of:

The law of magnetism and the law of right action, or ‘do the right thing’ work together. The first is about how your thoughts and the power they have in attracting what you experience in your life.

The ‘do the right thing’ law deals with your treatment of others or inclusion of others in your plans. It is about treating others as you would like to be treated.

Remember the law of harmony says what you do for others you do for yourself and what you do for yourself you do for others.

This means that, as you make choices every single day from an endless array of choices, you have to honour yourself and others. The energy of honouring is one the strongest attraction force you can broadcast.

You have to ask yourself, ‘is this choice I am making for good of the universe?’ Your emotions will always tell you whether what you doing is honouring yourself and others.

If it is, you will feel an all pervading sense of calmness. If it isn’t, you will have a sense of something is wrong.

I know that the voice in your head is almost always has ‘I’ at the centre of it. It is therefore hard to see how you can be fair both to yourself and others.

But it is important that you learn to do the right thing, because if you don’t, even if things will seem to turn out well, they will lack authenticity

Loving Intention

It is true that love conquers all. This is because we all want to be loved. So the primary intention behind a conscience or right action is the expansion of value and love.

When you align yourself with love’s vibrating force, you are connecting to the higher consciousness that created all things. There is no greater power you can have on your side as your pursue your desires and dreams.

How to engage in Right Action

Take responsibility for everything you do: decisions you make, thoughts you think and for the quality of your life.

Realise that unless you value yourself, it is difficult to authentically value others without resentment. So make choices that promote you mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Here are some of he way that can help you do the right thing:

  • Always ask if whatever you are doing is enhancing one of the above.
  • Know and believe the empowerment can only come from within – discover it
  • Value and respect yourself - than it will a lot easier for others do so
  • Value and respect others by leasing all judgement and live in compassion
  • Learn to speak the truth with tact
  • Learn to preserve your dignity – no blaming no excuses
  • Live in balance – prioritise others without sacrificing yourself
  • Weigh the energetic consequences of your actions by reflecting on the honouring option

Do the right thing means engage in actions that are factual, true, beneficial, and endearing and agreeable to others.

'Easier said than done' you say. I agree, spiritual enlightenment will help you realise you are far more capable than you would ever imagine.

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