The Power Of Thinking -
The Projector Of Your World

First Universal Law – Manifestation

The power of thinking is at the core of this law. The universal law of manifestation demonstrates how things come into existence through the power of thinking.

Everything first exists as thought before you experience it in your physical life. Consciousness creates your reality. Everything exist in the consciousness first and then in the physical.

The law of attraction states that you attract whatever it is you think about most. So, what comes into your experience is a reflection of what you believe to be true about who your think you are.

To use this law to your advantage, you need to find out where the level of your consciousness is, and how you can use your the power of thinking to raise it to a level where you can manifest what you want in your life.

For instance, when you think about yourself, do you have positive or negative thoughts? For you to change the reality, you need to be brutally honest with your answers. If when you look at your life and all you see is failure, misery and suffering. Guess What?!! That is what will manifest in your life.

I know it is hard to accept that your life is largely of your own making. We are all very good at taking credit when things are going but not vice versa.

So it is important that you start noticing what you spend most your time thinking about. This will make you more aware of your consciousness direction. You can focus your thinking more on things you want and less on the things you don't want.

The following questions will show you the direction of your thoughts:

    1. In general, do you spend more time thinking about what you have or what your lack?

    2. What is the most important goal in your life and how long, each day, do you spend thinking about it?

    3. What is the most prevalent habit, thought pattern in your life? How much time do you spend doing/thinking about it? How much does it bother you when you are not doing/thinking it?

    4. Do you look for positives during your day or you focus on the negatives?

The answers to the above questions will provide good indicators of you consciousness direction. It is then up to you to use what you found out and use the law of manifestation to your advantage.

If you don’t ask the above questions and start doing something about the direction of your consciousness, you will remain clueless about what you do, why you do it and what your actions mean.

You will live like the millions who go through their lives in an unconscious, unconsidered and undirected way. It is almost as if they sleepwalk through life. They are completely at the mercy of their conditioned habits and react out emotion. They merely surviving instead of living.

Does any of this sound like your life. Even if it is, don’t worry. You have the power to awaken from this self-imposed stupor. Consciousness is a choice available to everyone.

You have the power to examine your life and optimize what is really important. When you choose consciousness, you start doing things that are genuinely enhancing and serving the authentic you.

You should constantly be checking the state of your consciousness and what kind reality it is creating for you. Be especially aware of the positives than the negatives in your life.

Use the power of thinking to focus on the life you would like to have than the one you have now to help you stay positive. Keep your eyes and thoughts in the direction your goals.

As you shift the focus of your thoughts and concentrate on the positives and you will start to see the positive outcomes of your optimistic consciousness.

Remember the law of manifestation says: negative thoughts will attract negative results and positive thoughts will attract positive results.

Here are some affirmations to enhance manifestations:

  • Every day I am becoming more and more aware of what I focus my thoughts on
  • I am choosing to be conscious and appreciate of the good around me
  • I am conscious of the power I have to create a great destiny for myself
  • I know the my consciousness creates my life so I choose the positive in all situations
  • I choose love, peace and harmony during my daily life

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