Universal Law Of Harmony -
'Give Yourself Up'

Harmony – Fifth Universal Law

Keep your thoughts and feelings in harmony with your actions. The surest way to realize your purpose is to eliminate any conflict...that exists between what you’re thinking and feeling and how you are living your days.” – Dr Wayne W. Dyer

This is universal law says that there are certain universal energy constants which when you are in alignment with them, you experience an unending stream of blessings and abundance.

You see, there is nothing random or chaotic about life; only a truly breathtaking pattern of harmony, law and order reigns always in totality and fact, from the lowest level to the highest realm.

Einstein apart from being a scientist had great insights about the human mind. Apparently, everything, including humans, is made of energy which is constantly in motion, ever-changing.

This energy vibrates within and around us all of the time, connecting us with each other and with the constant flow of universal energy and events.

As human being, you are much more than a body, or emotions, or mind. Your inner core is an indestructible atom of the spiritual consciousness of the universe.

Quantum physics is now informing us that this energy is influenced by our thoughts. So with your thoughts you become a creator.

So as one of the creators you are part responsible for shaping, forming and moulding the energy of the universe. Universal Oneness - everything in the universe living for everything else.

It says that what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. It says that our world is shaped by our thoughts.

So this being the case that nothing is fixed, everything is possible. The energy of your thoughts transforms into the energy of your reality.

So focus your thoughts on what you want to attract. You can literally call into existence whatever you desire.

But you first need to harmonise your energies in and around you to those of others and of the universe.

Once your energy and universe's are synchronised;

  • things start falling into place;
  • surprising coincidences develop into real results happen;
  • the right information comes just in time;
  • help comes from unexpected places to move things along.

The thing is, the universe doesn't have a time line; it takes as long as it takes. This is hard because as a human being, you are almost addicted to time.

It is a challenge to accept the now. It is easier to be totally obsessed with what you want and neglect other aspects of your life.

This then results in loss of alignment with universal law of harmony and messes up your chances of realising your dream.

Self Harmony

You see the energies don’t lie. The way you live your life will determine how much harmony is actually in your personal energy. For example; are your thoughts calm and focused on the task at hand?

The universal law of harmony requires that you create equilibrium by accommodating two seemingly opposite intentions: taking responsibility but at the same time letting go.

You do this by getting over this paradox and deciding that happiness will not come with the fulfilment of some future goal but rather that it be had NOW. You thus become 100% accountable for your quality of life.

A good to start this synchronisation process is by starting to question your beliefs. This goes beyond just ‘positive’ thinking; this is energetic truth.

Part of this process is accepting who are. After all, you are where you as regards your body; your family; your financial position and self image.

Self-acceptance is the key to a higher consciousness and energy harmonisation.

You also need to be truly conscious of how you spend your physical and emotional energy. Remember the law of attraction is always switched on.

So allow yourself to choose peace, trust and value instead of conflict, fear and judgement. Make this choice in every situation you find yourself.

You see, when you know you truly are coupled with the knowledge that you are the source of all solutions, you will not feel threatened by any one.

Harmony With Others

The universal law of harmony requires that you practice of unselfish concern for others. It makes sense, since the energies of others affect your energies and yours theirs.

This means accepting others just as you accept yourself. The ideal way is self-forgetfulness. Why? This is it is the best way to get in alignment with the prime and natural law of the universe – harmony.

This is not by any means easy, but you look beyond the conceptual you and enlist the power of the universe, you will have certain success.

When you exude energies of love and acceptance, you will attract people with the same energies.

This is not just an ideal to you should aspire to but rather it is fundamental in the creation of success energies harmonisation.

When you don’t accept others, you are literally handing the power to them because there is something about them that makes you afraid or angry. Anyone who has the power to make emotional have power over you.

Your willingness to accept others is an indication of your commitment to working together with the universal law of harmony.

This is shows your recognition of the interconnectedness that ties us all together. Your level of acceptance is direct proportional to how much influence you have in the energetic realm.

Harmony With The Universe

The idea of connecting with the universe takes some getting used to. It may be because of the conditioned idea of GOD behind the word universe.

To me I don’t view it as connecting with God, but rather some Creative Intelligence. Even scientists are beginning to use words such as Intelligence or Designer.

They are beginning to admit that laws that govern life on earth are just too well tuned to have happened by accident. I believe that there is way that is right for me to feel and this is comes from connection with the divine consciousness.

By aligning with the all-powerful law of universal harmony;

  • you move into the flow of universal blessings
  • the more clarity you have in all you do
  • the more you live in the with the loving intention of the universe,
  • the more clearly you see, unselfishly intend and act with creativity that only comes from beyond thought.

How To Live In Harmony

  • Take responsibility for everything you do: decisions you make, thoughts you think and the emotions they evoke and for the quality of your life.
  • Lead a balanced life that chooses harmony with self, others and the universe.
  • Accept yourself and then accepts other as you currently, nothing is broken.
  • Believe in the abundance that flows in the universe, there is enough for everyone and you deserve all you desire.
  • Connect with the powerful universal laws and open yourself up the blessing that flows when you in tune with the universe.

As the saying goes; "no man is an island". Nature is in coordination, cooperation and mutual helpfulness.

Meditation is one of the best ways to connect with the all giving, ever ready universal law of harmony. Take a few minutes each day to get comfortable and relax.

Then focus on what you desire and remind yourself power you have within. Connect to that power until you can feel the divine connection deep in your heart.

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