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Law Of Magnetism - The Power Of Attraction

'Every person is surrounded by the thought atmosphere….Through this power we are either attracting or repelling. Like attracts like and …we attract just what we are in mind.' - Ernest Holmes

The first universal law of manifestation was about what you create – the power of your consciousness. This one is about what the you attract – the power of attraction and energy. Between them they have the greatest impact on your life.

Birds of a feather flock together best describes this universal law. It states that you only attract the same kind of energy you put out yourself. Quantum physics principle states that everything, including inanimate thing like stones, projects power.

Apparently the universe is full of strings of energy that all around you. And whether you realize it or not, you are part of the exchange that takes place every moment of the day.

So you are like a radio station broadcasting your frequency. Things, circumstances, situations and people tune into your signal and find you. So if it is success you want, you need to find out what kind of energy is neede and then use the power of attraction to bring what you want into your experience.

Your Energy Public Announcement System

Your personal vibration energy's power of attraction is strong enough to draw like energy to you . When you are interacting with people, your energy sends out messages others can relate to at a subconscious level.

It introduces you to everyone at this energetic and compelling level. This is why sometimes you feel drawn to some people whilst you can't stand others without knowing why.

The good news is, you have the power to change your magnetic frequency and increase your power of attration to attract what you desire.

Changing Personal Resonance

You can change it through your:

    Emotional energy – Vibrations of the feelings This is the most powerful. You daily feelings broadcast loud and clear who think you are and the purpose of your life Your predominant feelings energize the direction of your life. The thing is, the starting point is of every emotion is – thought.

    The more emotionally charged a memory conditioning is, the more energy it generates. If you predominant emotion is of joy, love and happiness; this is what will be returned to you. If it is anger, resentment and unhappiness, this is what you get back.

    Cognitive energy - vibrations of the thoughts The thoughts rarely stop throughout your waking time. As thoughts are the fuel for the emotional energy, they are doubly important. Your life moves in the direction of your most predominant thoughts- the cognitive energy it the reason why it does.

    For the majority of people, thinking is not an activity they think they can control, but rather something that happens rather than something you decide on.

    When you start examining your thoughts, you may be surprised to find that most of the thoughts center around three fears: fear of future, rejection and failure.

    Fear is the a killer of achievement, it paralyses you so that you don’t even begin. Think yourself as unsuccessful and you will draw failure.

    Physical energy – vibrations of the body The power of your most predominant thoughts plus the power of your intense emotions equals your physical energy.

    Together they make the pulsating vibration that broadcasts your individual signals and determine everything you attract in your life.

So changing what you think about, which in turn changes what emotions you attach to situations will snowball into a change in your overall signal.

Moving Forward

    1. Start being aware of what you think about during the day and write these down. You will soon find that you have distinct thought patterns and almost pre-recorded reactions or conclusions.

    2. Once you have written your thoughts down, the next step is to describe what emotions these thoughts start up in you.

    If you find that the emotions are mostly negative, make it your intention to let them go. You see, the minute you start recognising flaws in thinkng, the level of your consciousness starts to increase.

    3. Sometimes you may find that before you know it, the thought has already progressed into an unpleasant emotion. When this happens, just recognize the emotion, then try to get to the root of the thought that brought it on.

    Then go to the thought and release it. If it possible, replace it with a positive thought instead.

So to use the law of magnestism through the power of thinking, you first need to become aware of energetic frequencies you are sending out by becoming very aware of your thoughts and feelings.

I know, it may seem difficult, but your perseverance will pay off. Sonn you will be projecting the right energy to attract the things you want.

Just by changing one predominant negative thought, you will notice a major shift in your energy and power of attraction. Then you can intentionally use the law of magnetism to attract wealth, health and happiness into your life.

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