Walking Meditation -
Free and Available

Walking Meditation

It is a meditation technique where you use the experience of walking as your focus.

The aim is to make your walking your one specific, initial thought.

You become aware of your experience of walking and try to keep your awareness involved with the experience of walking. It is almost like mindful walking.

The different between form of meditation and just regular walking is that you are not trying to get anywhere. Instead it is about fully there with every step.

This can make walking meditation an intense experience. As you experience your body in this way, you will also find intense enjoyment from this meditation technique.

Words can’t do justice to the feeling of pure relaxation you get.


  • Alleviate stress
  • Clear your mind of all thought and worry
  • Focus the mind
  • Gets you to notice the simple beautiful things you usually miss because you are too busy or lost in your thoughts
  • You get to know your body better
  • You develop better walking techniques

One bonus benefit is that you will also get physically fitter as walking will become pleasurable and not viewed as exercise by the mind.


  • Can be practiced anywhere, anytime, everyday
  • Can be easily fitted into the gaps in your life
  • You don’t need to assume any particular postures, lie down or close your eyes
  • Simple to practice
  • More intense body sensations than those experienced when sitting or lying down

How To Do It?

It is best done outdoors. If at all possible, find somewhere where you can walk for twenty minutes without interruption.

  • Take slow deliberate breaths
  • Deliberately take one foot and out it in front of the other
  • Bring your attention to your feet. For every step, feel the contact of your foot with the ground, as if you are caressing the ground, and the ground is caressing you back
  • For each aspect of walking – the lifting of the foot, moving, placing, shifting –keep in touch with the full spectrum of the sensations associated with walking
  • With regular practice, you will become proficient at it and your walking technique will improve. Try other meditation techniques to complement this meditation technique.

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