Find The Meaning Of Life -
Being ‘At Home’ In YOU

Before you start trying to find the meaning of life, you first need to ask yourself why you want to know. This step will prevent you from wasting time looking for answers in places they can never be found – outside of you.

What is the meaning of life? Good question. Simply put: it is to see life as it is, in this present moment. Life is NOW and being fully present in the NOW.

The past has no power to stop you from being present NOW. Does that answer your question? Probably not. Why? It may because you are standing in your own way by looking for an intellectual answer.

You and Your Story

If I were to ask you about your life now, you will probably tell me a lot of what has going wrong than what has going right. You will use the word "I" a lot and give a list of reasons why things aren't the way you would like them to be.

It is unlikely that you will tell me: 'Right NOW, I feel at peace.' This is because humans identify easily with content of their lives. We know about ourselves that of ourselves. We look for the meaning of life in things and in and through our thoughts.

Content Of Your Life

You cannot find the meaning of life in explanations about the content of your life. Your inner thoughts, outer circumstances of your life, future and past are all content. 'Hey hang on a minute, if you say that everything that I know as me or about me is content; what else is there?'

I know, when you first hear it, it is difficult to get your head round it. This is the reason why most people can only identify with content - the physical and the psychological. They remain completely unaware of their inner dimension.

Knowing the meaning of life requires that you become aware of this inner dimension. The biggest obstacle you encounter to finding the meaning of life will be your own ingrained thoughts and your need for approval from others.

Need For Approval

"I have therefore I am" makes appearances so important that they become the mirror you hold up to tell you who you are. In other words, you need others and things to give you a sense of who you are. You need others to tell you what the meaning of life is.

The sad thing about that is; you are then condemned to chasing after things and people's approval for the rest of your life. More importantly though, you will not find the meaning of life because you are looking for it in a place it will never be - outside of you.

It is especially difficult if you looking for the meaning of life at an intellectual level or so that you can tell your friends about it.

You will find the meaning of life by getting in touch with your inner dimmension, the essence of who you really are.

The more you get touch with who you really are, the closer you get to finding the meaning of life. And the more the need for approval will diminish.

I can tell you though that the it won't be easy. You will soon find out how difficult it is to break free from your dysfunctional mind-sets even thought they continue to create the same nightmarish reality for you.

Purpose Driven Life

Life sometimes seems like a chaotic succession of events and all you can do is flounder along. It can even be overwhelming at times. To find relief, you need to ask: "Who Am I?" and the related 'Why Am I Here?'

Once you find who you are and the reason you here for ; you would have identified your purpose for existing – the meaning of life.

The trick is to find something you like, want to do and are passionate about. If you can't do it full time because of commitments, then set time aside during every day to it.

Only you will know when you are doing something that authentically meaningful to you. Question the thoughts about the things you do and why you do them.

Although this all sound very complicated, all the answers are within you. Ask the questions and then be alert to your feelings. If you what you are focusing on at any given moment is not in alignment with the authentic you, you will feel a bleep in your feeling.

To fully benefit from the answers which will unfold, you need to realise and accept that words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp - which is not very much. The answers will come from the inner you, the one who have no pre-defined role to play except just to BE.

The idea of transcending thought may sound too mysterious, mystic or too new age. Don’t reject it on that basis. After all, you probably don’t understand how the internet or electricity works but you still use it. So not taking advantage of something because you "can't explain it" is a poor excuse.

Stop Playing Roles

Life is seemingly full of roles you are required to play. These are a range of conditioned patterns of behaviour that come into effect whenever you interact with others. So instead of two people interacting, you have two conceptual mental images, or actors, interacting.

This is why you are sometimes shocked to find a different side to somebody you thought you knew well. Your response? 'That is not her/him.' Guess what? Maybe they just forgot to play the role you identify them with.

So to find meaning to life, you have to stop playing roles. And when you do, the genuine you will come out. As a result, your actions will have greater power. You will become at one with the situation. 'Be yourself' may sound simple, but most people don't know understand or know who that is.

Steps To Finding the Meaning of Life

  • Ask questions about your life and REALLY want to find out the answers. This is the easy step.

  • Unwaveringly believe that answers you seek are within you and have always been there. This is the most difficult but yet the most important. It is because a lot of mental ‘unlearning’ of who you think you are and how things happen.

  • Receive – you will start receiving answers immediately you successful accomplish step 2.

  • Life Is Good

    Finding the meaning of life begins with the recognition of one’s own dysfunction mind. You begin to realise that the world is more interconnected than you previously thought.

    What you do for other you do for you. What you do for you, you do for others. Finding the goodness within and allowing this to shine through is only way to express your purpose in life. You have only one life to live; life is beautiful; and you can have time of your life.

    LIVE IT.

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