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What is Manifestation of Abundance?

Abundance is accepting the idea that life offers many possibilities and you can have any of them and that it is only possible through thought, emotions and energetic. Manifesting is absolutely believing that these possibilities are attainable and you can live them.

Simple to Understand, Difficult to Do

Manifestation of abundance is not a secret, but it is not easy if you do not know why you are blocking it. So the idea of abundance and believing in it is one of the greatest hurdles to overcome.

I know, when something bad happens in your life, your mind goes to work to bring up all the other bad things that have happened to you. So you are literally lining up and summoning similar energy from the universe through the Universal Law of Attraction .

The result is that you start to emit a negative energy which in turn attracts the very things you don’t want. Remember, manifesting abundance requires energy of abundance which comes from your positive thoughts .

So it is personal and has nothing to do with keeping up with others. It is all about you and your thoughts and the power have in shaping your life. It is about learning to unlock the power of your mind and learning some reality creating secrets so that you can manifest the life you want.

There is No Scarcity

So if there should appear to be lack of, or need of, abundance in your life, it is because of your wrong thinking--not because there is a lack of abundance. The Universal Cosmic Laws of manifesting abundance are universal and constant.

Therefore, you should meditate on abundance with complete faith and conviction that the world is filled with plenty and that all your needs are most bountifully supplied.

All you have to do is saturate your mind with the conviction that all life is filled with abundance; everywhere you look you see at the very least a potential for abundance.

Manifesting Abundance

So as you go by your daily life, continue to think about the abundance that there is. Let your mind be saturated with a feeling and thinking of abundance. Your thoughts are some of the strongest energy vibrations in the universe.

So just imagine the abundant life giving spirit of prosperity, leading and guiding you to the paths of plenty, peace and power. Fill your mind with prosperous thoughts; have your very being pulsating in abundant rhythm.

As you make a habit of focusing, maintaining and repeating these thoughts of abundance, they will sink deep into your subconscious mind. Before long you will know and believe that all of your needs are in this minute being manifested.

You will know that you could not ask for anything from the Universal Spirit, with that Spirit being most willing to supply, instantly, all your needs. So make the decision to accept and recognize that abundance is rightfully yours.

Manifestation of Abundance is Yours

Manifesting abundance will then become part of your daily life. You will be rich in thought, body and spirit. You will become aware that you are part of the abundant ever-present spirit of prosperity and opulence.

So manifesting abundance is not a special ability but rather a taking control of your thoughts and letting your inborn wisdom to guide you. If you are vibration abundance you are manifesting abundance.

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