Personal Growth -
A Gift To Yourself

Personal Growth and Mindfulness

The journey toward personal growth is all about using what you already have. Mindfulness speeds it up by mobilizing and improving these resources.

An influential factor is your ability for paying attention, especially to those areas of your lives you have been ignoring.

Paying attention refines awareness. Awareness is very important, in that it decides your potential for personal transformation.

You grow, change, learn and become aware through your five senses and the powers of your mind. As you become aware, new degrees of freedom become available to you.

These will reveal themselves as you develop your ability for conscious awareness. You start seeing your complex world as opportunities to grow. You see clearly, and exercise greater wisdom in your actions.

An Invitation To Yourself

The journey toward personal development is your invitation to yourself to wake up to the fullness of your life whilst you still have it. Dying without actually living is a constant and significant risk for all of us.

Like most people, you may not be aware of the automaticity of your habits. The pace of the events in your life makes you feel that you have no time to be mindful.

You have the opportunity and right to learn to really live, develop your inborn ability to be shrewd and pay honest attention to your life.

Liberate Yourself

When refined, your awareness will enable you to discern, embrace, transcend and liberate you from the limitations of your conditioned thought patterns, senses and relationships.

You habits are a result of your past, including your genetic inheritance and all the experiences you have ever had.

These habits distort, narrow your view and understanding. These, in turn, impedes your personal growth and mindfulness.

More Questions More Answers

For self growth, you need to ask searching questions about the nature of your thoughts and of life itself. Such as:

The answers you find will be universally applicable, revealing and healing. They will encourage you to experience life indepedent of attachments and prior pre-conditioned interpretations, beliefs and aspects of culture.

The thing is, the quality of your answers will depend on how mindful you are.

The Greatest Gift To Yourself

Mindfulness is the most fundamental, significant, and universal skill you can ever develop. With so many mindless things happening in the world, I could go as far as to say, the most needed.

So personal growth is more about getting to know the self better. After all, you are already all you will ever be. You are a child of the universe and have every right to be live life to the full.

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