The Self -
A Search For Access

The self you feel within you is a being of power, intelligence, and love. You are part of the creative force; part and parcel of the unity of love and nature. Nothing can separate you from this creative force, abundance, happiness , success, prosperity and love, but your own wrong thinking .

“Just be yourself”. How often have you had that said to you and wonders who is this person really asking me to be? My real self, or their ideal idea of me?

Being yourself is supposed to be easy; after all it is what you are. The truth is it not. Try looking on the internet for the definition of self and see how complicated and different the explanations are.

It makes you wonder why when all you really want to know is how to be true to the self, the ‘me’ you feel inside.

Why The Desire To Know?

A lot of people feel unfulfilled in their lives and somehow feel they have missed something somewhere. Well when you think about it, it does seem to make sense.

We live in the wealthiest times in history:

  • Living standards in the North America and most of Europe have skyrocketed six-fold in the past century.

  • We work fewer hours a week than our great-grandparents did and enjoy more leisure time than they had.

  • A greater percentage of people commit suicide than they did in 1900.

  • Clinical depression rates are ten times what they were in 1945 during World War II.

We seem to have so much yet many of us are unhappy and unfulfilled. It is why more and more people are looking for straight forward strategies to help discover ‘the self’ and uncover their purpose in life .

Find The Self Yourself

There is a lot of information on the internet, I would therefore advise some information literacy. Be focused on the reason you want to find that free self that is and has always been you.

Judge anything you will read, see and hear will by whether or not they resonant with, or awaken something special in you. Don’t worry if you are not able to describe these feeling just accept them if the your real self connect.

It is like you are living as materially poor person when there is account in your name with 100 million it. Most people would do whatever they can to get access to it once they found it exists.

Remember, the self that lies within you is a prize no money in the world can buy. Many have died without ever realizing what they had and could have enjoyed: the joy of Being.

What is the real self?

You are a unique, magnificent human being: a child of the universe. Imagine, with the 6.6 billion people on the planet today, there is no other like you.

The fact that you asking questions about the real self is a sign that you are having a major breakthrough to realizing your nature perfectly!!!!

Somehow thinking about the ‘real self’ implies that ‘fake self.’ With it comes the uncomfortable thought and feeling that the life you are leading is more ‘fake self’ than ‘real self.’

I have to admit that finding "me" time is never easy. We lead such busy lives that it seems difficult if not impossible to find time to nurture the parts of yourself that make you, you.

There are always things we “have to do” and soon forget about the things that fulfill us most and define us. We then define ourselves by these things which make the desire to finding the self even harder. Why?

Illusion Of Self

Your entire reality is based on an illusory sense of who you are . The mind constructed self thinks that the source of ‘the self’ outside yourself. Which of course it is not, it is part of who you already are.

The Self And Your Thoughts

I truly believe that the power of our thoughts and how these then translate into reality should be taught in school. It quite frustrating to be wishing for something but somehow attracting the very things you don’t want.

When your mind is filled with negative thoughts, you are separating yourself from the full expression of the creative force within you. It is like you are choosing to live in an egg shell when you can break out and become more, bigger and fully you.

Accessing The Real Self?

As I said before, letting your real self shine though is a process of dis-illusionment. This is personal thing, there is no fixed time in a anyone’s life to begin this process. Some gain accesses to their real being late, some early; some get it all at once and sadly, some never do.

The secret to finding the real you is that you have to want to. You have to have a real longing to find why you life doesn’t feel complete. You would have discovered that self-indulgence is not the answer and it is not all about you.

Universal Law

Just like when astronauts were planning to the moon, they had to thoroughly understand the universal law of gravity etc. It is the same with journey of self discovery.

It is enough to know that there are some laws which govern a person’s awakening to know themselves. You have to learn how they work and how you can use them to attract the things that fulfils the need of the real you.

Challenges To Accessing The Self

I have already mentioned the conditioned mind-defined-self but another big obstacle is culture and/or family. Everyone lives in a specific culture where certain behaviors, even appearances are not only expected, they actually are demanded.

Like most people, you spend majority of your time around people and they all have certain expectations of you. You are forced to act in ways which are contrary to who you really are and we all know how that feels.

When it comes to family and friends, you feel obliged to conform for fear of rejection and in order to fit in better. But in doing so, you’re denying the YOU inside. Balancing the needs of the real you and expectations of others is a personal pursuit.

Way Forward

Brian Souza's book offers a starting point. Become Who You Were Born to Be: We All Have a Gift. . . . Have You Discovered Yours? explores the tragedy of an unlived life. It provides ways in which you can individually live a life that caters for the self and how this contributes more greatly to the world at large.

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