Guided Meditation -
Ease Your Way In Meditation

What is Guided Meditation?

It is simply using help in order to meditate. It is the best way for a person to be introduced to the world of meditation, especially those having trouble concentrating on the object of meditation.

This technique uses your imagination is lead you on a particular journey with the purpose of achieving healing and/or awareness through purposeful contemplation and reflection.

I will concentrate on the following three approaches:

  • Listening to scripted pre-recorded media such as tapes, CDs, mp3 file etc.
  • Listening and/or repeating pre-recorded mantra or inspirarional phrases
  • Guided meditation class
  • First Approach – Scripted Pre-recorded

    You listen to a professional on a CD or record in your own voice and play it back.

    The idea is to let go of any thoughts you may have and allow your subconscious mind to follow the words that are spoken.

    The guided communication then dwells upon a given topic in slow, sweet, persuasive manner.

    This leads you to actually believe, experience the process and realize the bliss as a result of that journeying in imagination.

    It helps you look into your inner world and develop new perspectives of looking at your life, relationships and its problems.

    Second approach – Pre-recorded affirmations

    This takes the form of positive affirmations. The recording simply recites an inspirational word phrase over and over again.

    Pretty soon, you find that guided meditation becomes an integral, easy and natural part of your thinking habits. Then guidance may no longer be needed.

    Third Approach - Classes

    A guide in a meditation class can teach the students the basics of meditation and the best ways to stay focused while meditating.

      Why Use Guidance Classes

      • Specific problems and challenges can be addressed
      • Individual triggers can identified and avoidance strategies put in place
      • A shared goal with others in the class
      • Help focus your energy on a specific issue and channel your energy and purpose into that issue

Benefits of Guided Meditation

  • Keeps to keep you mind on track
  • Helps in opening a line of concentration for those new to meditation
  • If you fall asleep whilst meditating, you will still benefit from it subconsciously
  • The ability to use verbal cues to evoke images that help the meditative state reach a desired level
  • The imagery being described can transport the individual to the desired surroundings which in turn would help

    produce positive feelings within the body and mind

  • It can be employed alongside traditional and alternative medical treatments
  • Concentration on the words achieves deeper meditation
  • Feel inspired or uplifted by hearing the words repeated
  • Uplifting and positive messages that can help a person meditating to ward off any bad emotions or feelings

What Is Out There

A number of audio CDs, cassettes and downloadable audio files been developed specifically for meditation by

meditation experts.

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