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Laws Attraction Is Always Switched On

Laws attraction is going on right now; laws of manifestation, pure desire, paradoxical intent, conscience action, magnetism, synchronization and universal influence

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Pain addict and controlling.

I am a control freak.I like to control people and things around me.I am addicted to people.Addicted to bend them as per my wish.Trying to change them.

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Simply, lead out of the dark

I lived in the mind. In that, I lived in fear. I did not know who i was. Then I met 'myself' in the form of another. A 'Spiritual Master' who has since

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What game?

Many people want to beat the game and get a one-up on Life. They put an enormous amount of effort into somehow getting ahead of the game. What game?

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Definition Of Consciousness - Why Bother?

A definition of consciousness is as difficult as someone asking you why you like what you like. They would be asking about something that you are so familiar with but yet difficult to put into words.

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Law Of Attraction - Always Turned On. Always Serving

Make the law of attraction work for you. Get more of what your want and less of what your don't want. Learn how to attract everything you have ever wanted: health, wealth and happiness.

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Quickly Know How to Change Their Life by Breaking Bad Habits

Here are some tips on how to change your life quickly by breaking those bad habits. Why can’t people achieve success when there is an all-you-want information feast showing them how to be successful?

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Contribute to Life

Would you like to share your knowledge about life? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Breathing Meditation - Take The Real Breath Of Life

Breathing Meditation - The simple but most powerful practice of focusing on your breath. Do You Know How To Properly Breathe?

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Make The Health and Happiness Choice Now

Health and Happiness is a choice although some may have you believe that it is only available to the lucky few. It isn't, you have the power to decide - find out how!!!

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The Power Of Thinking - It Controls Your Life

The power of thinking is everything; it decides what you see; how you see it; your reaction to it and how you feel about it. It has complete possession over you. Break free and discover the real YOU

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Manifestation Abundance - Universal Abundant Spirit Supplies All Needs

Manifestation of abundance is available to all of us. What you need to learn is how to unlock the power of your and learn some reality creating secrets. Find out how..

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The Purpose Of Life - Make You See Life In High Defintion

Finding the purpose of life especially yours will help you find your passion and reason for living. Find out how...

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Inspirational Thoughts: Right Start To The Day

Inspirational thoughts remind us that whatever is happened to us has happened before and we can draw on the experience and wisdom of others.

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Self Discovery - Meet Yourself For The First Time

Self Discovery - You have always been the greatest person you wll every be. All you have to do is start your journey of discovery. Here are a few pointers.

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Life Changing Question: Who Am I?

The question "who am i? comes up when your least expect it. You owe it yourself to find if your life is all it was meant to be. The answer is simple yet life changing.

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Life Sucks - What Are You Going To Do About It?

Life sucks. Some will say it is meant to, but is that strictly true? Or is it a choice? What do you think?

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Meditation Techniques - The "Know Yourself" Tools

Know yourself; broaden your horizon; ease your mind; use your talents and contribute positively the globalwell-being. Achieve all this through Meditation Techniques.

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Mind and Body United

Learn how to let the music of the mind make the body dance. Escape from the stresses of your life and unite your mind and body in beautiful symphony of life's music.

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Personal Growth: A Personal Gift

The quest for personal growth is single most important gift you can give yourself. Learn how to start on this journey of self discovery.

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Happiness Poems - The Power Of Words

Happiness poems can strike a code and start a thought chain-reaction that makes you feel happy. If not to be happy?!!

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The Self - That Familiar Yet Unknown Feeling

Knowing 'The Self'means reaching a point where, you not only know, but you perceive what you are capable of knowing. This makes you aware not only that you can do something, but why you can do it.

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What Causes Happiness

How to find happiness, what causes happiness are questions usually asked when you feel things can be better. The answer is simply and near than you think. Find out how.

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Who Am I? or Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Am I? Who you think you are is only a small part of who you really are. There is much large more mysterious you. What is more interesting is that you are the only one standing in your way.

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The Power Of The Mind - Law of Universal Influence

All creation takes place within the mind. So the power of the mind creates your world, but also you influence the rest the world. Learn about the law of universal influence.

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Do The Right Thing - The Universal Law Of Right Action

Law of Conscience Action - urges us to do the right thing. Why bother?!! It is the only way to finding real and lasting happiness.

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Fifth Universal Law - Harmony

Universal Law of Harmony says 'No one is an island.' So whatever you do affects others - either positively or negatively. Find out how you can make sure your constribution is positive.

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