Pain addict and controlling.

by hanna30

I am a control freak.I like to control people and things around me.I am addicted
to people.Addicted to bend them as per my wish.Trying to change them.

Not taking my responsibility .I like to remain silent and control people so they will love me.

I am an addict.

I love dad but i fear him.I can't take responsibility and gradually am becoming depended on them.

It is impossible to get out.I hate them, I am so controlling.It is an addiction that is going to change.
But i shall need all the support i get.I am sharing my story so that you can know it too.

It is difficult to deal or defeat parents.but it is time to take self-responsibility and also learn to lean without controlling others.time and again i have shared but things got spread and i was ridiculed.

But i am willing to let go and expect whatever comes.I thrive on appreciation but can't force others.
At the same time i am an human being and trying to let it go.

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