Law of attraction -
You Reap What Your Mind Sows

Law of Attraction - What Is It?

“Like attracts like in the thought world. And so it goes, each gets what he calls for over the wireless telegraphy of the mind.”

William Walker Atkinson

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law. It states that; whatever it is you are giving your attention to, this you will attract into your experience.

It is as universal as the law of gravity. It operates everywhere, doesn't discriminate, is always turned on, timeless, unchanging, unyielding and continuous.

It applies to everyone and can be relied upon 100% of the time. You can’t change it; you can only learn to apply it. Just as there are physical laws, there are also spiritual laws which you need to learn about and apply.

Why Learn To Apply It?

Well, just like the law of gravity states that a given object, of a given mass will fall to earth at a given speed etc.

In other words, your thoughts shape your world. Therefore, your life is a reflection of whatever you regularly think about.

This being the case, it makes sense to understand it and learn to work with it. Why? It is because it affects you whether you acknowledge it or not.

At the beginning of my journey of self discovery, among other things, I found the Law of Attraction most difficult to accept.

I mean, I could understand it intellectually but somehow I found the idea of me being entirely responsible for what was happening in my life hard to accept.

It was only then that I started realizing how, like most people, I liked having someone or something to blame. Well, this law strips you of that comfort blanket. For a time, I felt very exposed. But the more I experienced its fairness, the more I embraced it.

What Science Is Saying?

During October 2009, there was a series of documentaries on TV (in UK) that I thought were worth watching.

They were entitled “What We Still Don’t Know.” Hard as it is for scientists, they are now admitting that there is a lot stuff they still do not understand, especially about the human mind.

The series explored various theories about the mind, including how an individual consciousness chooses one of the infinite possibilities that are available to them due to conditioning.

Through Quantum Physics, the idea of observer-created reality and how particles and waves behave differently depending on the energy the observer was emitting, was explored.

Default Attracting

As mentioned, you are attracting into your life whatever dominates your thoughts. I'm sure you have heard version of the Law of Attraction, although not as explicitly stated.

Expressions such as ‘money attracts money,’ ’the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,’ or ‘birds of a feather flock together’ all state the Law of Attraction.

So whatever is happening in your life, it is because either consciously or unconsciously, you are sending out the signals. And the faithful Law of Attraction is delivering accordingly.

Yousee, the Law of Attraction works with your thought vibrations and not what you say you want. So, like a communication beacon, you are constantly sending out signals through your thoughts.

How It Works

Since you are already attracting by default, doesn't it make sense that you learn how to apply it in order to do some intentional attracting?

Don’t rush in though; first you need to understand how it works. Otherwise, you may attract the very opposite of what you want.

Most make the mistake of thinking that by thinking about things they don't want; they will get want they do want. Not so.

So first things first: saying you want something is not enough. So, if you want something, but in your heart of hearts you believe you don’t deserve it or doubt it will happen, guess what? You won’t get it. It is what you believe the Law of Attraction responds to.

You may know people, or maybe it is you, who keep attracting undesirable partners even when they want the opposite. This is because most of the time they are thinking about what they don’t want.

Thinking produces energy. The length and frequency of your thoughts, the stronger the vibrations you are sending out.

How To Use It

The Law of Attraction can be boiled down to three simple steps, but not all are easy;
    1. ASK
    2. BELIEVE
    3. RECEIVE

For me, the law clarified a passage from the bible I had previously found to be rather confusing: ‘For the one who has, more will be given, and from the one who has not, what he has will be taken away’ (Mark 4:25).

Of these three steps, the middle one, Believe, is the most difficult for those starting from a position of lack. It is difficult to imagine yourself already having the things you want when reality is telling you the opposite.

On the other hand, for those who already have, believing is relatively easy for them. After all, they already have evidence that it is possible and therefore don't worry or doubt as much.

If you are starting from the position of lack, it is important to drop negative thoughts quickly. Do the bit and ASK and believe that the moment you ask it, it is as good as done.

Don't worry yourself with the HOW it will come about. Your work is to ask the Universe, focus on the outcome, imagine that you have it, believe that you will have it, allow yourself to receive. Then give thanks for what you already have - NOW.

You have to unwaveringly believe and have faith that when you consistently focus your thoughts on what you want, you will harness the power of the universe and it will deliver.

Most people miss out on their dreams because some give up before they even start. Worse still, some do so just before their dream is about to be realized.

Beware Of Your Conditioned Mind

Not just with the Law of Attraction, but with any desire to discover who you truly are, why you are here or how to find true happiness: it is your conditioned mind that will prove to be the biggest hurdle.

It is your conditioned beliefs that are going to hold you back from applying the Law of Attraction to your advantage. If you believe that you don't have any limiting beliefs, it only goes to show how deeply entrenched they are.

It is up to you to question them and change them based on how well they serve you. You have to be able to get over these beliefs and conquer them if you want to achieve real success at anything you do.

As you learn about the Law of Attraction, you will find that you will change as a person. The following FREE Law of Attraction Mp3 audio, is a good starting point. You will find there are other universal laws which you need to understand in conjunction with the Law of Attraction.

Remember like any life-long skill, learning to apply the Law of Attraction will need acquiring new knowledge, practicing, a willingness to change, persistence, support, focus and of course TIME.

It will be the most beneficial skill you have ever learnt.

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