Mind and Body -
Let Them Unite

A Relaxed Mind = A Relaxed Body

Mind and body united equals happy life.

It took me a long time to realize how tense I became when I was not doing something I truly believed in or when I was put in a situation when I had to pretend.

Believe me, without realizing it, we spend most of our time pretending. This is why most of us are stressed.

So I made a decision to make sure my mind and body were in scrunicity. So as I go through my daily business, I am especially sensitive to any tension in my body.

And any time I feel any tension, I remind myself to relax, loosen up and empty my mind. Almost do a mini meditation. Then I come back to whatever I am doing and do it in a way that feels acceptable to me.

Keep You Childlike Mind and Body

After a while I started to see the benefits of staying loose and relaxed in body and mind. I realized that to enjoy life, relaxation is crucial.

Can you remember when you see children enjoying themselves, playing? They can do all sorts of things with their bodies. They can contort their bodies in intricate positions without a second thought or discomfort.

They can do all this because their bodies are free, relaxed, supple and without a care in the world; pure in mind.

Well guess what, you can re-gain your beginner’s eyes or child’s mind again. I know that life situations get us stressed, anxious, tense mostly because there is something negative in our lives and we are thinking too much about it.

We all need to get back to being comfortable being us; being at home in our bodies again.

Whatever age you are, your body combined with your relaxed mind can make you feel fantastic. You may be ‘old’, but don’t let yourself feel old. When you feel old, you look older than you really are.

Let yourself feel young again. Tell yourself that instead of getting older everyday – you are getting younger every day. Meditation techniques can help your unite the body and mind throughout your day.

Benefits of Meditation

I know meditation to some conjures up images of sitting cross-legged for long periods of time. Well here is some good news. There are two types of meditation; action and non-action. I favor action meditation since my joints are not as supple as they used to be.

Here are some benefits: It will purify or cleanse your mind and let you access the authentic you. It will helps reduce even get rid of the stress and torture mind goes through during or everyday living. It unites the mind and body.

Why Choose Action Meditation

I found it interesting that 20 years we were promised that with the invention of time saving appliances we would have more leisure time.

Well, the truth is, the time saved by microwaving a meal is taken up by something else. So much so that most of us find it difficult to find time to sit down and meditate, much as we would like to.

This is why action meditation is attractive to me. For me, a half an hour of walking meditation kills two birds with one stone.

Firstly, I find the exercise helps my fitness, it is a great workout and is liberating. Secondly, the intensity and what I can only describe as at-oneness you feel is truly amazing.

So any exercise program can be turned into action such as jogging, swimming, playing any sport and riding a bike. What turns the exercise into meditation is how present you are when you are doing it.

We usually refer to this point in the exercise as ‘being in the zone’ when endorphins are released into our blood stream and we have exhilarating feeling or achieve the runner’s high.

Live 24 Hours A Day

Today, as you go about your daily life, make it a point to relax. Stay loose. Be flexible, switch on your mind and try to go with the flow both body and mind. Take pleasure in your beautiful life every minute of the day, 24 hours a day

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