Self Discovery -
Welcome to the New Old You

Self discovery is a life-long journey and commitment to oneself. It is an inner healing process of getting to know who you truly are and not who you've been told you are or what your ego tell you you are.

Self discovery is for individuals seeking to find the answer for themselves; those who are willing to question even their own thoughts; those who are willing to tackle issues which before they were afraid to tell even to themselves.

Many people often wait for something bad to happen for them to start to pursue self-discovery. This should not be the case for you; you can start this journey at any time. It will be worth the effort.

What It is About

It's about knowing your every emotion and honoring every aspect of your being. I have to mention though, self discovery isn't easy. If there isn't some connection/belief in a Higher Power/Being/Intelligence.

It's also about discovering how to love who you are, respecting who you are and becoming authentically sanctioned from the core of your being. It is indeed a journey of discovery, and what you are discovering is your genuine self.

You Are Unique

Each person's journey will be different and unique because we all have different life lessons to learn and different issues to heal within us.

You move at you own individual pace, in your own uniquely, individual way. There is no one method that works for everybody. You are different; you approach life in your own unique way.

It sounds daunting doesn't it? Don't worry. There is no rush. I was a slow traveler, but that was the rate that was right for me. I soon found out that there are no neat little boxes to tick; no one RIGHT way; no rules and no absolutes.

Summary of Steps of Self Discovery

  1. Acknowledge that there are issues in your life that need better understanding and thereof sorting.

  2. Accept and take on this issue without feeling guilty or judging yourself

  3. Respect the issues enough to want to invest the time to sort them out

  4. Have confidence, faith and respect that your higher self will be able to sort things out.

Obstacles and Challenging

Be prepared to meet obstacles and challenging some of which will originate from your conditioned thinking. The rule here is to Focus, Focus, and Focus.

To be able to achieve success in discovering yourself, you must be disciplined. Passion is the single fastest way to catapult yourself to massive success.

Benefits of Self Discovery

  • It allows one to burst through self-imposed restrictions and be the person he dreamed of being.

  • It gives you courage to be honest and open to yourself

  • You will inspire in others a desire to learn more about the world we live in, which will lead to their self exploration and self discovery.

  • You will discover the illuminations and the gifts of your emotional self

  • You will find something you do well which others find difficult. In other words, your talent

  • It can lead to personal development, personal growth, self awareness, improvement and understanding.

    It Is Your Decision

    Remember this that no advice in the world can make you embark on this journey until you make up your mind and determine that you want it drastically.

    You are the most critical variable in determining the success you can enjoy in discovery the person you already but has not been give the chance to shine through.

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