Zen Meditation -
'Being' Back Into Human Being

Zen Meditation

Zen, short for Zezan means ‘just sitting.' It is a central practice of Zen Buddhism. Zen meditation is often done facing something plain to avoid distractions, for example a wall.

There are no images or symbols, thoughts, ideas, or words used as subjects for this meditation technique. You just open your mind to the reality of the moment.

The aim is just to observe what is happening in your mind and concentrating on breathing. Watching the breath with full awareness.

I know that sitting still may seem like a waste of time especially if you are a busy. This may be because you are mistaking 'sitting still' with doing nothing.

By turning you attention inward and watching your thoughts as they come up and disappear, you are training your mind to be more effective and creative.

Watching the flow of your thoughts and developing some detachment, is surprisingly the first step in creating order within your mind.

You do this by observing the space between one thought and the next. This space is the time when you are not thinking anything.

Mentally try to rest in this space however brief. With practice, the time between thoughts will expand and you will be able to create the space whenever you want.

These spaces between your thoughts are very important. This is where you will find pure bliss, consciousness, creativity, intelligence and love.

When in this space, you can actually ‘see’ or ‘hear’ something for what it actually is – not what your conditioned mind tells it is.

But you rarely do this because as soon as you see something, interpretations as pour in before you even have a chance to ‘experience’ it.

So Zen meditation is a technique to wake you up from this self-imposed blindness you call your life. It helps wake you up from your self-absorption and your endless spinning out of stories.

When you are only in the moment, you are not thinking about the past or the future. You are in the moment, only when you are reacting to what is happening now;

  • When you eat you focus totally on the food and on the act of eating
  • When you work, you only work
  • When you brush you teeth,
That's all you do. You don't think about other things at the same time.

What are the Benefits

There are many for meditation in general, but are those specific to Zen Meditation.
  • It opens your eyes to true nature
  • Enables to live a truly awakened life
  • Gets you in touch with our pure "beingness."
  • Opens you to the realization of "emptiness."