Laws Attraction - You Are A Magnet

Manifestation - First Laws attraction

This law states that things come into existence through our thoughts. All visible things rely on the invisible for their existence.

So, whatever you spend most of your energy and thinking time on, this becomes part of your reality or experience.

Everything exist in the consciousness first and then in the physical. If when you look at your life and all you see is failure, misery and suffering.

Then that is what will manifest in your life. If you want to see success, happiness and peace, you need to change your dominant thoughts.

This being the case, you are 100% accountable for the quality of your life. It is therefore your responsibility to make sure that your thoughts are directed to what you intention is.

If you don't take charge of your thoughts, you will be like the millions of people who go through their lives in an unconscious and uphazard way.

It is almost as if they sleep walk through life. They are completely at the mercy of their conditioned habits and react out emotion. They are merely surviving instead of living. Read More.....

Magnetism - Second Laws attraction

“Every person is surrounded by the thought atmosphere….Through this power we are either attracting or repelling. Like attracts like and …we attract just what we are in mind.” - Ernest Holmes

The first law was about what you create through your thoughts. This one is about what you attract – the power of energy. Between them they have the greatest impact on your life.

The law of magnetism is the embodiment of 'birds of a feather flock together.' It states that you only attract the same kind of energy you put out yourself. Quantum physics principle states that every thing, including inanimate thing like stones, projects energy.

Apparently, the universe is full of strings of energy that are all around and whether you realize it or not you are part of the exchange that takes place every moment of the day.

So you are like radio station broadcasting at a certain frequency. Things, circumstances, situations and people of similar energies, tune into your signal and find you. So if it is success you want, you need to find the kind of energy you should be broadcasting to attract what you want. Read More.....

Pure Desire - Third Laws attraction

If you desire something, believe with all your heart , have unwavering faith that you have will it or you desire is so real you that you can almost ‘taste it,’ then the law of magnetism will deliver it you.

Underneath every desire is a reason for that desire. If your desire is to be rich. The reason is most likely because you have experienced lack of money in your life.

It is this reason that will either hinder or aid the manifestation of what you desire by virtue of the energy vibration you will be emitting. You can't fool laws attraction.

In order to have joy, love and happiness in your life, your desire or intentions must be for the achievement of the aforementioned – not manipulative, fear based or desperate.

Your motivations must be genuine, healthy and for the betterment of you and the rest of world. Otherwise even if you get the result you want, a sense of anxiety will remain

This law examines why you are going after your desire in the first place. It would be good idea to first find who you truly are; why you are here and why you do the things you do.

The importance of being free from fear can’t be overstated. Fear changes the energy of your motivation from positive, receptive vibrations to negative repulsive ones.

Instead of being in hope and expectation you will be in longing and desperation. The faithful law of manifestation will then deliver according to your resonance. Read More.....

Paradoxical Intention - Fourth Laws attraction

Having a 'whatever will be will be' attitude', is what this law is about. This law is about letting the things happen according to the universe's own timeline.

Don’t have the 'I have asked, so where is my stuff?' attitude. Impatience, urgency and the need to see results quickly is counterproductive.

Although a desire for something is natural and healthy, the thoughts you have around the desire and the reason you want it may be counterproductive. If it is so that you can fit in with the ‘Joneses’ then this desire is not pure since it originates from a dissatisfaction with who we are.

Sometimes the desire to realise your dream becomes so strong that you are willing to sacrifice time with family; go into debt; work along hours and even our health. This clearly indicates desparation.

This in turn sends a signal of desparation to the universe and the universe matches it. So what you are broadcasting is actually pushing away the very thing you want.

So your desperation creates a paradox – or the opposite - of your original intention, thus leading to failure instead of the success.

So urgency and desperation are completely counterproductive. Instead you need to let go the urgency and trust that when your broadcasting frequency is right the universe will deliver.

You need to surrender the attachment to the outcome you seek in order to attract the results you want. There are numerous real life stories of couples who tried for a baby for years without success.

When they either adopted one and gave up trying, that’ s when they got pregnant. So you need to give it up to get it - that is laws attraction. Read More.....

Universal Harmony - Fifth Laws attraction

Keep your thoughts and feelings in harmony with your actions. The surest way to realize your purpose is to eliminate any conflict...that exists between what you’re thinking and feeling and how you are living your days.” – Dr Wayne W. Dyer

Einstein apart from being a scientist had great insights about the human mind. Apparently, everything, including humans, is made of energy which is constantly in motion, ever-changing.

This energy vibrates within and around us all of the time, connecting us with each other and with the constant flow of universal energy and events.

Quantum physics is now informing us that this energy is influenced by our thoughts. So with your thoughts you become a creators. So as one of the creators you are part responsible for shaping, forming and moulding the energy of the universe.

It says that what’s happening on the inside determines what’s happening on the outside. It says that our world is shaped by our thoughts.

So this being the case that nothing is fixed, everything is possible. The energy of your thoughts transforms into the energy of your reality, into laws attraction.

So focus your thoughts on what you want to attract. You can literally call into existence whatever you desire. But you first need to harmonise your energies in and around you to those of others and of the universe.

Once your energy and those of the universe are synchronised, things start falling into place; surprising coincidences that develop into real results happen; you get the right information just in time; help comes from unexpected places to move you along. Read More....

Conscience/Right Action - Sixth Laws attraction

The law of magnetism and the law of right action work together. The first is about how you treat yourself through your thoughts and these have the power to attract what you experience in your life.

The law of right action deals with your treatment of others or to the extent you consider others in your day to day life. It is about treating others as you would like to be treated.

It re-inforces that what you do for others you do for yourself and what you do for yourself you do for others. You get back the same energy you put out to others.

To find true success, which should include happiness, you need to make choices that honour yourself and others. You have to constantly ask yourself, ‘is this choice I am making for good of all, not just me?’

Your emotions will always tell you whether what you doing is honouring yourself and others. If it is, you will feel a pervading sense of calmness and if it isn't, you will have a sense of something being not quite right.

I know that the voice in your head is almost always has ‘I’ at the centre of it. It is sometimes hard to see how you can be fair both to yourself and others.

But it is important that you learn this law of true success, because without it even if things will seem to turn out well, they will lack authenticity.

The energy of honouring is one the strongest attraction force you can broadcast, the best use of laws attraction. Read More....

Universal Influence – Seventh Laws Attraction

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe - W.D.Wattle

All life is an exchange of energy. It therefore follows that when you interact with other people, your energies mix and when part you leave some of yours behind and you take some of theirs. Scientists call this phase entanglement.

The reality of can be felt when you enter a room where some disagreement has taken place. You ‘sense’ immediately the ‘tension in the air.’ Even if when you call in you were feeling joyous depending on the strength of the pervading energy, you quickly lose your.

So laws attraction means that good or bad, emotional energies especially are contagious. Your energies goes out to bond with those that are similar.

It is therefore important that as you pursue your dreams and desire, you are acute aware of the people you forge relationships with. This is because their energies will intermingle with your and influence how successful you are in attaining your desire.

Since energetic influences expand in the world, you would not want somebody with counterproductive vibration spreading their energies to you. It is your personal responsibility what you choose.

But when you choose love , harmony, peace in your mind, this expands and affects other people thereby accelerating the caring and loving energy in the world. Read More.....

I have only talked about seven laws attraction. There are 4 more.

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