The Secret Of Success -
Law Of Unwavering Desire

The Law Of Unwavering, Pure Desire

What is the secret of success? In a word; BELIEF.

If you desire something, believe with all your heart , have unwavering faith that you have will it or you desire is so real you that you can almost ‘taste it,’ then the law of pure desire will deliver it you.

Underneath every desire is a reason for that desire. Your desire may be to be rich. The reason is most likely is because you have experience lack of money in your life.

The quality of your desire will either hinder or aid your quest to become rich. This quality is determined by the reason why you want what you want.

Your reasons can’t be not manipulative, fear based or desperate. Your motivations must be genuine, healthy and for the betterment of you and the rest of world.

This means that you accept that whatever will be will be and you are happy with it: that is the secret of success.

This law looks at why you have this desire in the first place. It therefore would be a good idea to first find out who you truly are, why you are here and why you do the things you do.


The importance of being free from fear can’t be overstated. Fear blinds you to the secret of success. Fear changes the energy of your motivation from positive, receptive vibrations to negative repulsive ones.

Instead of being in hope and expectation you end up being in longing and desperation. The faithful law of manifestation will then deliver according to your dominant resonance - fear.

Hope and Belief

Thoughts of hope, excitement, enthusiasm and belief should dominate your thinking in order for you to move freely towards the fulfillment of your desires.

Belief is the most difficult one to master. But it is important that you maintain genuine hope and true belief that what you desire can, will and should.

The resident obstacle to secret of success is that our own thinking easily gravitates toward the HOW question.

Then doubts set in. When you look at your life as it is, it looks a long way away from where you want it to be.

You start wondering whether or not what you are asking for is impossible. These doubts then becomes you energetic vibration or broadcasting frequency.

For a time, you will have conflicting energies around what you desire. Sometimes, you are sure and enthusiastic and then at other times, you look at the reality of your situation, you start being impatient.

Which of these vibrations will be transmitted to the universe? Well, whichever energy you emit the longest.

Remember, the human mind is wired to look for negatives an enemy of the secret of success.

It is therefore important that you become aware of your negative thoughts around your desire, or life in general. With determination and perseverance, you success will be yours.

You Are Worthy

You succeed in what you desire if you think you are not worthy. Why? It is because that is the message you will be broadcasting. You must genuinely believe that you deserve to have whatever you desire.

You learn what you think you deserve, or not, during childhood. So when you desire something that your upbringing says you don’t deserve, your conditioned belief plays an influential in you accessing the secret of success.

Question Your Conditioning

To understand the source of your feeling worthiness, or lack of, you need to ask yourself the following questions:
  • What criteria did your parents use to decide what you deserve?
  • Do you feel you are not good enough in some way?
  • Do you have the need to do something in order to prove your worthiness? If so, what?

The aim of the above questions is just to make you realize that these underlying beliefs of self-worth exist and broadcast their signals consistently.

The most important thing you need to know is that: your sense of unworthiness are not the real you.

Whether you deserve something is not determined by either your parents or society at large. Instead, you deserve everything you desire - it is your birthright.

Letting Go

Let go of old conditioned thinking and distortion that up to now, have not served you well. Every time you have a negative thought, ask yourself:

“How would my life be without this thought?”

If your life without THIS belief will create liberation, then you owe it to yourself to let it go.

It is normal to be so attached to certain beliefs that the idea of letting them go can be quite frightening but it’s a step you must take to access the secret of success.

Getting rid of needy beliefs and conditional worthiness are the first steps to the greatest liberation of all: freedom from attachments. You accomplish this through the act of surrender.

You are surrendering to that fact you believe with all your heart that what you desire is possible and will be yours. That is all that is required of you, the universe will do its bit.

So what is the secret of success? UNWAVERING, PURE BELIEF

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