Simply, lead out of the dark

by rob
(new zealand)

I lived in the mind. In that, I lived in fear. I did not know who i was.

Then I met 'myself' in the form of another. A 'Spiritual Master' who has since revealed the 'Truth' through simple understanding. All questions answered. Not only through the mind but through the whole body.

Fear is replaced with understanding. Tension is replaced with ease. A simple choice of surrender back into 'Life'. Gradual surrender into what all-ready is rather than the mind of want, need.

With out knowing who I am, all things done, everything spoken, all thoughts, all feelings, everything came as a result of the subtle tension the body held as result of not understanding.

This 'Understanding' or awakening can be better described as a full body feeling. At ease, at peace more in more.

The constant state of tension i believed was normal is understood. In that replaced gradually, with more a state of joy and wonder.

This is the 'Truth'.

Without understanding, I clung to things, ideas,company, what ever gave this body a sence of ease, releaf or distraction from not knowing. It is revealed now this is what 'world' is grown out of. All of it.

Through this 'Understanding' the 'True' feeling of 'LOVE' is felt and grown in the body.

The true meaning of 'The Christ' bringing a body back to 'Life'. It is 'Real' and it is for every-body. For everybody to realize the 'True Nature' the 'Real Self'.

Jai Sri Bhagavan YanchiGuruji.

may all, feel the grace of there 'True' nature.
in 'Love'

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