Secret Law Of Attraction:
The Open Secret

The secret law of attraction says that like creates like, and like attracts like. This is opposite from what you might have been taught in science at school that opposites attract.

The thing about this is that, it is not a secret at all. Phrases like “birds of a feather flock together” and “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer” confirm this.

It is just that many of us go for years without ever realizing the hidden law within them.

Are You Affected By It?

Yes. Just like the law of gravity, it is continually working in every human life including yours. Ignorance is no excuse. It is scientific and impersonal and it works every time. It is one of the great unchangeable laws of the universe.

How Does It Affect You?

I personally just think of it as the law of the power of the mind. This is because the law centers on your thoughts.

So the secret law of attraction looks at your thoughts and then creates a reality that exactly matches the nature of your thoughts. So..

  • If your thoughts are good; your life will show goodness.

  • Think thoughts of badness and this is how your life will turn out.

  • Think thoughts of love and you will love and be loved.

  • Think thought of hatred and you will hate and will be hated.

In short your thoughts in partnership with the law of attraction are responsible for everything in your life, good or bad.

Why You Attract Wrong Things

Your reason can be any one of the following. It could be because you:

  • Didn’t know it existed

  • Don’t understand how it works

  • Don’t know how to use it

  • Don’t want to admit responsibility for the state of your life

  • Don’t believe it actually works

Well whatever your reason, just be aware that your mind like things to stay the same. So it will call up all sorts of excuses to make you give on your desire to learn how to attract thing you want in your life.

Since everything in your life was invited by your thoughts, by the same token, by changing your thoughts and

focusing on things you want, you can learn to attract wealth, health and happiness. In fact, as I said earlier, it is your natural birthright to be happy.

How To Use The Secret Law Of Attraction

  1. Take time to decide on what you want in your life.

  2. Using your imagination, see clearly the things or the situation you would like to be in.

  3. Think about it all the time and secretly pretend that that you are already leading your desired life.

  4. Don’t allow negative thoughts of fear and doubt to neutralize your desire.

  5. Carry on your life in surrender and acceptance of what is.

  6. Spend your time focusing your thought-forces on your desired life that your mind has already built.

Sooner rather later, the universal law of attraction will bring about the full materialization of that which you first created in your mind.

Way Forward

Life is supposed to feel good and wanting to attract only the best things in your life is only natural. The choice and power to improve your life experience is within your control. You can learn to use the secret law f attraction to your advantage.

Sonia M. Miller's The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for You and How to Get Results - FINALLY! is a good book to start with. It recognizes that the journey of self discovery is not an easy one.

It is useful whether you have just become aware of this secret law of attraction or you have tried to use it but had limited success. I heartily endorse it also because it is written from personal experience; you will find information which will feel like it was written for you.

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